Geomax ZRD105B Digital Receiver

Best digital display technology, packed into a professional and robust housing. Fully featured for a top performance with precise results. Dual display, supported by adjustable LED and audio signals. Build-in flash suppression.

Product Number: 855671


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Combines the advantages of the ZRD105 with great new features that are available with the Zone60 DGThe numerical display shows the laser distance in real numbers.

Beam Catching

Find and align the laser plane by one key press for slope or vertical alignment application. Simply set up the laser, place the ZRD105B at the second point and then start the beam search, e.g. tie-in slopes. There is no more manually moving of laser plane or any calculations needed.

Beam Lock

With the Beam Lock function, the laser plane is caught and monitored in real time, which is valuable for connecting battery board points to mark-out axis.

Radio Technology

The ZRD105B is equipped with radio technology for reliable alignment and slope applications over long distances up to 100m. The new receiver also allows digital readout of offset distances and is featured with a large reception window for fastest beam detection. Best of all, it also works with any GeoMax Zone 60DG laser available in the market.


  • IP67 shock and water resistant
  • Working temperature -20 ° C to + 50 ° C
  • catch and align the laser plane in combination with Zone 60DG
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